Welcome to Drum Corp!


To get a complete picture of what we are passionate about , we would like to reiterate our philosophy and the reasons for the development  and commitment of a 10 month Yearly Program. We guarantee you will be astounded at the full benefits when you witness your child/ren’s bright eyed and razor-sharp focus at the end of year performance. 


Through the experiential use of the drum, our focus is distinctive from traditional drumming and reading music. The Drum Corp Program fuses custom designed choreography, specially composed music, fitness, beat and self-expression into our classes. Drum Corp targets precise energetic improvements of the muscular body, enhancing the mind and allowing the spirit to flourish enabling these benefits:


  • Being performance driven escalates an individual’s confidence and resilience.

  • Being part of and witnessing the building of a final performance in grand scale increases brain power and inspiration for the imagination.

  • Being part of a larger team builds social skills along with an understanding of trust and an incomparable bond in relationships with others

  • The program improves “hand-eye-ear” coordination, acute reflexes and a listening discipline.

  • Learning music by ear, prepares students for quick decision making in the real world, memory improvement, ability to improvise and it boosts their moral.  

  • We create an environment which nurtures and encourages the expressive and innate spirit to flow from every child without exception.




Drum Corp has invested in a NEW registration platform called MUSIC BIZ.

This is an online software which will allow the administration all your children’s attendances and the delivery of fees from one portal through a subscription, and you are in the driver seat!


The NEW Subscription format is easily explained. 

When you register for the base price subscription, it will include the class your child is to attend, and the final end of year School Performance (date will be confirmed later in 2019). 

As an extra, you may then choose (dependant on your child’s age) either Super Jam (Yr 5&6) or the new  inclusion of  a, Junior Jam (Yr 2-4).  


The base price subscription + (Super jam or Junior Jam) are then added together to make your total subscription price.


Your yearly Subscription will be divided into 10 equal monthly payments. Those 10 payments will be for the whole family under one account, the parent/carer’s name, and their selected bank/credit card account.This means that all costs, (including bus travel for Super Jam - Not applicable for Junior Jam) will be in one yearly subscription, and payments will be every month even on holidays, from February to December 2019.


As the Drum Corp yearly schedule has changed to a 10 month programme, there will only be 3 weeks of classes in Term 4. During that time, the end of year School Performance, as well as the Super Jam and Junior Jam events will also occur. 



In summary, the new MUSIC BIZ registration platform;


  • Registration for the whole family


  • Family discounts on a sliding scale from 10% to 15% off your 2nd or 3rd child - automatically calculated at time of registration.


  • Classes will run for 10 months finishing week 4 of Term 4.


  • The total cost for you child/children will be divided over the 10 month period.


  • Will automatically notify you when you child is absent with a text message to your phone.


  • Will allow you to let us know when you child is going to be absent in advance. 


  • Will allow you to reschedule a make-up lesson for your child (in advance), there will be limited options per term and none in Term 4.


  • All costs of the Super Jam or Junior Jam events (including the bus fee for Super Jam only) will been included in your Subscription.. if you choose to add it.


  • If you chose to include Junior Jam, transport will be the responsibility of the parents or other options will be considered later. This transport cost is NOT included in your Subscription.


  • We understand through your child’s registration you are committing them to the full year long DRUM CORP program and that your child is in it for the year. 



Absences & Make-up lessons



When your child is absent from school you need to mark them away on MUSIC BIZ, in advance or within 24 hours of their absence to be eligible for a make-up lesson.  

Within your access portal in MUSIC BIZ you are able to inform us as to the reason of their absence, ie. sick, medical appointment, holiday. 


If you child is absent for the Drum Corp class you will receive an automated text message on your mobile from MUSIC BIZ notifying you of their absence. 


If you receive a text notifying you of an unforeseen absence that is not a school absence, and if this concerns you,  you are welcome to contact us to discuss that absence with the school. Contact us on bookings@drumcorp.com.au.   As a one off absence we are unlikely to action this. So ,if your child has just decided not to attend the class and is at school, this will not initiate a make-up lesson.


If you’re concerned that you have received 2 or more texts notifying you of an absence, please contact our office so we can follow up with the school.


We have now put systems in place and are dedicated to clearer communication with your schools, as required.



Refusal to attend or behaviour difficulties

We want to encourage children who may be challenged with their behaviour to attend Drum Corp Classes. We earnestly believe in and guarantee the benefits of our program. We need families, teachers, parental support and constructive discussion around them to help ease their difficulties or a strategy that may work for that student.


There are times however, when this is not possible, so a warning is given to the child at the time of their playing up. 


If a student is excessively disruptive, they will be sent back to class immediately.

In both of these instances the student’s full name and details of the incident will be reported by the instructor to the school administration. 


If the behaviour continues a second week consecutively or with some regularity the parent or carer will be sent an email or called to discuss strategies or options. In these cases, your subscription fee will continue to apply until some arrangement is made with you personally.


This approach is necessary to be fair for the other children in the class.


Make-up Lessons

Make-up classes are only available within the first three Terms of the year and are limited to 2 per term. 


Make up lessons are only available to children who do not attend school on the day of their scheduled Drum Corp class.


The make-up class is set up in the form of a double lesson on our regular drum lesson day.


These classes can be prearranged through the online Music Biz Portal


The make-up lesson needs to be schedule for the same term that the class was missed. If you have a make up on the last class in Term 1 or Term 2, the make up can occur in the next term.

If you have an absence in the last class of Term 3 or the in the 3 weeks of classes in Term 4, there will be no make -up class.


If we only have one half hour class scheduled at your school per week, a make up lesson will not be available to schedule through the MusicBiz online portal.  This will have to be requested via email to bookings@drumcorp.com.au. If you are unsure, please contact the office.



If a student has a minor injury, we recommend they still attend the class and all provision to make the child more comfortable will be taken. As new tricks, rhythms and patterns are taught every week, it is better for the student to sit in on the lesson, so they can stay at the same learning level. 


If the child has a major injury that does not enable them to attend school of course they are free to resign from the program on arrangement through our office.


Change of circumstances ending registration

We accept that with changing circumstances your child may have to resign from Drum Corp prematurely but appreciate that you inform us of a legitimate reason and these might include:


  • the child’s family is moving overseas

  • moving to a different school

  • there has been a major medical emergency in the family


If your child is absent from a lesson due to minor illness, a sporting commitment, or school excursion, etc... our Drum Corp program payment schedule still applies.


If a student wishes to discontinue the Drum Corp, we respectfully ask for a note or email from the parent/caregiver that indicates their wish to end participation from the Drum Corp.

Fees still apply until the end of the term.


Withdrawal of commitment in Term 4

At this time students are growing excited for our end of year showcase performance, the structure of our show has already taken shape, costs have been incurred, and stage plans are finalised. 

For the benefit of your child’s confidence so close to performance, this really is not the time to withdraw from the program as students are so close to completing the year long commitment to building a performance.


We do not give refunds in retrospect.  


With our new Subscription, the year is costed out over the 10 months which means the payments made are not equivalent to the classes taken in any given week.  


An early withdrawal from the program would have to calculated to cover the true cost of the classes attended, privately with our office. 


Super Jam & Junior Jam refunds will not be given with an early withdrawal from the program after Friday 5 July.




In rare circumstances a credit may be granted after consultation with Drum Corp head office. You are required to detail your request in writing.


Payments and Accounting issues

If you are unable to pay or your bank details or credit card are rejected by the due date on that month we expect that you contact us immediately.


We are more than happy to make an arrangement with you if there has been some financial oversight or unexpected incident. Please be aware that inconsistency with payment will amount to a debt difficult to catch up on and we do not want to resort to removing your child from the program. 


If we have an error in our accounts and a credit or refund may need to be applied, we need receipt of payment from you in writing via email to make an amendment to our records.


The debtor/s shall pay for all costs actually incurred by Drum Corp Pty Ltd in the recovery of any monies owed in regard to our programs including recovery agent costs, location search costs, process server costs and solicitor costs on a solicitor/client basis.



We are pleased to announce we will dedicate more time to communication with parents directly and to the school.  

With our new online MUSIC BIZ app, and a dedicated staff member, we will ensure that you have all you need to know what is going on in Drum Corp as it is growing fast.



Drum Corp Pty will not provide your details to any other company, entity or organisation and all information will be kept by Drum Corp Pty Ltd in accordance with The Privacy Act.


Super Jam

Super Jam is a dynamic visual extravaganza designed to bring together year 5 & 6 students from Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast & Northern Beaches. We create a high level filming experience with professional performers for your children to engage with musically. The benefits are unlimited. Entry into this event is only granted of you are part of the school program.


Junior jam

For the first time, in 2019 we are offering a new confidence building event that will bring together students from years 2, 3 & 4 to experience musical fun.  Designed as a family event we will gather 100's of students from the region for possibly their 1st communal performance. The benefits are unlimited. Entry into this event is only granted of you are part of the school program.


End of Year  School Performance

At the end of the year you are invited to watch your child's performance as this class is part of your registration. 

If you attend and film the performance on any camera or device, you also confirm that any recording made by you is for your families personal use.

We respect that some children in the class do not have media consent and for safety reasons should not be uploaded onto the web/internet or any of the social media platforms.



Working with Children

All employees of Drum Corp Pty Ltd have a "Working with Children Certificate” as required by relevant legislation.

All employees of Drum Corp Pty Ltd have a undergone “Child Protection “ Training.


Our family of friends of Drum Corp is growing rapidly.  If you would like to keep up with our progress in real time be sure to follow us on Facebook.