Frequently asked questions

Who is allowed to be in Super Jam?

Students that are eligible to be part of 2018 Super must: be in a current Drum Corp Program at one of our schools + be in year 5 or 6

When is SUPER JAM?

Saturday November 2 2pm-6pm (these times do not allow for transport via our bus’s)

Can my family come to watch?

Tickets are available for family members. They are called VIP tickets and can be purchased via our website.

What do performers need to bring?

Performers will be required top wear a white singlet under/or in place of their shirt for the day so that you can easily change into a Performance T-shirt (supplied by Drum Corp) on the bus. Performers will be required to bring their lunch & snacks (NO PEANUT PRODUCTS) Check WHAT TO BRING

Where is SUPER JAM?

Roundhouse Theatre at UNSW in Kensington, Sydney

How do we get there?

All performers will arrive and depart via buses that Drum Corp has organised. 3 Pick-up points have been arranged ( Newcastle + Central Coast + Maitland)

Pick up Times & Pick-up Locations?

See the overview page

Do we have to pay?

Performers Participation Fee = $35 + Return Bus Ride = $35 TOTAL = $70

How do I REGISTER to become part of SUPER JAM?

CALL 1300 845 900 to register. ...or REQUEST A CALLBACK HERE

Do we get stuff for doing Super Jam?

The participation fee covers: 1 x pair of performance drum sticks (to keep) 1 x performance bandana (to keep) 1x performance T shirt (to keep)

What do we wear?


How do I wear my hair?

This is TBC

Will SUPER JAM be on youtube?

It sure will be…around Christmas time

Can we drive our child to the event?

No. All performers are required to arrive on the designated bus. This is important to the overall management of the event running on time.

Can we pick-up our children from the event?

Yes you can. We have made the process of picking your child up simple... When you are in the VIP area, you can REGISTER TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD After completed you will told where to line-up for child collection at the end of the event.

What happens if I don’t Register?

If you don’t register by the closing date, or by the time the limited spots fill up (which ever comes first), you will not be able to participate.

What is a VIP ticket?

There are a limited amount of tickets for family and friends to come and enjoy the 4 hour experience.

How do I get a VIP ticket?

You can purchase through here

How much are VIP tickets?

$45 Adults $10 Kids $80 - 2xAdults (Deal) With a Bus seat: $80 Adults $45 Kids $150 - 2xAdults (Deal)

What is the VIP Experience?

Hit this link


Registrations have closed