Children Saving Children

We have excitement overflow Niagara style at Drum Corp headquarters, as we begin our long term commitment in helping save the lives of children across the globe. Each of our Drum Corp Programs is individually funding and helping to release a child and their community from poverty. Our sponsorship will bring clean water, nutrition and education into their daily practice, allow them treatment for preventable diseases, and help keep them away from harmful abuse, all while bringing a global social awareness to our young Drum Corp students.

The children we have chosen to sponsor are in Brazil, Haiti, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam and the Phillipines. We hope to transform the lives of less fortunate children and give them a brighter future through financial sponsorship and music.

Letters, pictures and hand made artwork from our Drum Corp girls and boys are encouraged, and will bring even more happiness into our new international friends lives. Our sponsor children are between 6 and 10 years old and although culturally very different, will be growing into adults around the same time as our Drum Corp kids. This will give all of the children involved a look into another culture, and create an experience that will last a lifetime. Our Drum Corp girls and boys may even want to visit them when they are older.

Every new school Drum Corp Program that is initiated from this point, will save the life of another child living below the poverty line. We are utilising our business structure to support a noble cause that will help advance the health, education and creation of opportunities for community’s around the world.

Participation in our Drum Corp Program is not only giving children an amazing musical opportunity to build skills in a really fun way, they are also saving the life of another child in need. We at the Drum Corp, and our sponsor children... thank you.

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