Engage, empower and give adventure to students with the Rhythm-Fitness-Movement program

The Mission

For the next 4 weeks, we would like to get this product out there, build a buzz in Australia and tick over some sales. Our major program launch will take place in the U.S. in a few months time. 

This is a referral program to encourage those within your existing network to uptake the program, whether they are school teachers, OOSH educators, or families.


Your discount code is valid for a limited time (specified when you get your code) and within Australia only. 


You don't need to understand what we do perfectly. You’re just you, excited about what we do and wanting to spread the word so more people can enjoy it :)


This is not a sales program. This is a referral program. This is strictly for people in your existing network. You cannot represent yourself as affiliated with Drum Corp. 


This is about you being genuinely excited by the program and wanting to pass it on to your existing network and community groups, in an authentic and non-sales way. Similar to sharing Hello Fresh discounts…..but you get a nice kickback. 

Referrals are within Australia only. 



We’ve designed 3 different online programs for Teachers, for OOSH centres and for Kids recreation & fitness. 


All of our programs are called Rhythm-Fitness-Movement, and they are interactive from start to finish. Lessons combine playing rhythms within fitness and movement and music. 


This is on-demand education and on-demand recreation…..with an adventurous twist.


Our Teachers program covers both PDHPE (sport) AND Creative Arts curriculum, in line with the Australian National Curriculum standards. Teachers simply press play on their Smartboard, and the entire class is engaged and interacting with the lesson. This is education on-demand.


Students use their desk as the drum and rolled up paper as sticks. 

It’s easy to use, safe, and ridiculously fun.


The cost to purchase the program for 1 classroom is $250+GST, which gives 1 classroom access to all lessons for 12 months.  We’ve made it at such a low price point so that teachers can purchase it themselves, rather than relying on school administrations. That said, schools can purchase for as many classrooms as they like. 


Fun Point- Teachers who purchase the program half way through the year still have 12 months of access. This means they could use it with their current student group until the end of the year, AND their 2022 class for the first half of that year.


We like to refer to the OOSH program as ‘incursions on-demand’. Centres can run lessons as a weekly after-school activity, or as a vacation-care program, with groups of up to 40 students at a time. 


Kids have added fun designing their own equipment, though they can simply use a chair as a drum and rolled-up paper as sticks. 

Educators play the lessons through projector or TV, and students are engaged and interacting from start to finish. 


The cost to purchase the program for 1 centre/1 location is $250+GST, which gives that entire centre access to all lessons for 12 months.


This is an invaluable program for OOSH Centres to offer their kids, as it delivers vibrant and adventurous experiences that are fun, engaging and insanely low-cost. 


An on-demand recreational program for kids at home that gives kids an adventurous blast. This program delivers both sport and artistic lessons that activates mind & body. The focus is on fun and sport from home rather than producing educational results.



The cost to purchase this Kids program is $100 for 6 months of access, including GST. This allows the entire household use of the program. In New South Wales, Creative Kids Vouchers can be redeemed. 


This program offers a cutting-edge approach to recreation and fitness that is exclusive to Drum Corp, and is equally engaging and fun for ages 8-13, or older.


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Product definitions


How do I get paid?

Your discount code is unique to you and is connected to your name. Any time it is used before it expires, the buyer automatically gets 10% off and you get 30% commission. Every Monday we check sales, and request an invoice from you for the amount you earned.

Are there free trials for customers?

No Free Trials are available for OOSH or for Kids. Teachers do have the option of a 4week free trial, but this is not necessary to purchase. If teachers do the trial and want the discount, they would need to purchase before code expiry.

How do Teacher Referrals work?

If you refer a friend who is a teacher, the discount code can be used by them alone or by their entire school. You will get commission on every class purchased for using the code. Ie. your friend excitedly brings it to their principal and gets another 3 classrooms signed up, they get the discount on all 4 classrooms ($100 savings) and you get commission on 4 classrooms ($280). Or, if your friend purchases for their classroom, they get $25 off and you get $70 commission

How do OOSH referrals work?

OOSH Referrals: If you refer an OOSH coordinator who has more than 1 centre location, they can use the discount code for all of their centres. Ie. if they have 4 locations, they get $25 off of each location, so they would save $100 and you would get $280.

How do Kids referrals work?

Families only need to purchase 1 household subscription, even if they have 3 kids using the program. Using your discount code, families get $10 off the subscription and you get $30. Families in NSW can use their Creative Kids Vouchers instead of the discount, meaning they pay nothing. When they redeem their Creative Kids voucher, there is a question in the form that asks them who they were referred by, which will link the sale to you.

Who else can I refer the programs to?

The OOSH program can be used by various community groups. Sports teams can use it to diversify their training, and Scout groups, Youth groups & Church groups can use it to deliver vibrant and engaging experiences. The instructions are the same.

What program should homeschool families use?

If the purpose is to follow the Australian Curriculum, families should purchase the Teachers program as it delivers the required documentation and curricular guidelines. However, if a family is looking to simply engage their children in learning without the need for educational guidelines, the kids program will suit them fine.

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