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How Referral Works

Invite & Gift

Invite your friends with your unique referral link & gift them a 10% OFF coupon code.

Friend makes

Your friend purchases one of our products using your discount code.

You get  

You earn 30% cash  on every purchase made using your referral link/discount code.


That's $25 - $70 for every single purchase, depending on the product.



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How do I get paid?

Your discount code is unique to you and is connected to your name. Any time it is used the buyer automatically gets 10% off and you get 30% commission. As soon as the purchase is made, your commission $ is transferred directly into your PayPal acount. If you don't have PalPal, see below

What makes this referral program so special? 🤩

Your friends get a discount on a vibing new product -------- you get cash--------- we build some buzz with new customers! 👊Win-Win-Win 😄 And, there's no cap on what you earn. In fact, once you've pocketed $5,000 cash from commission payments, we'll up your commission to 40% !!

Who & What is Rhythm-Fitness-Movement for?

Anyone! Everyone! The humans must have fun We have 3 products: 1. Kids At-Home recreation- Fun, engaging and vibrant video content for ages 8-14+ 2. Teachers Classrooms- designed for Primary School classrooms from Grades 3-8. Delivers PDHPE AND Creative Arts curriculum, through video-on-demand. 3. After-School/Vacation Care centres- same as teachers program, with a purpose to give centres fresh, fun & recreational videos-on-demand. Other community groups can also use this program, such as: Youth Groups, Scouts, Sports Teams, etc. It's vibrant, adventurous and ridiculously fun.

Do I need a PayPal account to get paid?

You don't need a PayPal account to get paid. Having a PayPal account makes it easier, as your commission payment is instantly transferred into your PayPal account as soon as a purchase is made with your code. Setting up a PayPal account is easy. Without a PayPal account, your commision payments will be made into your bank account every 2 weeks via bank transfer. Set up a new PayPal account here...to make your commision payments transfer immediatley

What is the 'mission' of this referrals program?

We’re releasing our exclusive brand of Rhythm-Fitness-Movement for the first time, and to kick it all off we’re building some buzz in 'stralia. This ain’t no sales program, yo. This is about you, a hot little sugar plum that’s excited….. about us. And as you know, hot little sugar plums spread ideas that are infectious 🍑😄 This Mission: Gift your friends a discount on an AWESOME new product, bring vibrancy into thousands of homes and schools, and get yourself some CASH-ola baby FYI-We've made something that's meant to bring VIBE and colour to freakin human beings, everywhere in the world. The power of a network to share good IDEAS is strong. We're starting with our homeland, then expanding to our home-earth. Join us for an epic journey.

How does this referral program work?

1. You send out your code 2. Your friend purchases 3. They get 10% off and you get paid 30% of the purchase in cash (PayPal) Go for gold! This referral program is for a limited time.

How much do I get paid?

That depends on which product is purchased, but it's between $25-$70 for each single purchase. The 3 products available are: 1. Kids at-home recreation----costs $100 per household, but with your code they save $10 and you make $25 2. Teachers classrooms ---- costs $250 per classroom. With your code they save $25, and you make $70. If a school purchases for 10 classrooms using your code, they save $250 and you make $700. 3. After-School/Vacation Care ---- this is the same as Teachers. Costs $250 per centre, but with your code they save $25 and you make $70. *After you have earned $5,000 in commission payments, your commission will increase to 40% of each sale.

Can parents use a Creative Kids Voucher from NSW?

✅ Yes, yes, yes In NSW, Families purchasing for their kids at-home can use their Creative Kids Voucher. When they redeem the voucher via our webform, they enter their discount code and receive 5 free lessons This is how we track the sale so you still get your 30% commission.

What is Drum Corp?

Rhythm-Fitness-Movement + MUSIC on-demand 🍋 🎧🍑 This is the cutting-edge approach to fitness AND education. It's fresh, it's vibrant and it's ridiculously fun. There's nothing else like it. check it all out here: www.drumcorp.com.au We have 3 programs; 1. Kids at-home recreation 2. Teachers Classrooms 3. After-school/Vacation Care

What do I actually do? Who should I share it with?

Tell your friends! Tell your clients. Tell your students. Tell your colleagues. Tell your families. Tell your social media followers. Tell your social media groups. Share a post and say “Hey Tom you hot little sugar plum, how cool is this….you should get this for your class!".... or.... "you should get this for [their kid/s]!"... or... “you should get this for your centre!”... Talk, baby. Give the gift of 10% off and watch your friends lives sparkle with a new vibrancy

How do I make more $$$?

We’re happy for you to make $25….or $25,000 🤩 If you want to think big, think big. Here’s some ideas for you to make s'more money, honey 1. Kids At-Home recreation- share the discount with groups of parents and even clubs so you get multiple families purchasing. Even just 10 households purchasing gives you $250 cash, and they all get a discount on a fresh and vibin’ product that’ll colour their kids’ life 2. Teachers: If you share your discount code with a teacher or a P&C member, their entire school can use that code. For example, your teacher friend can share your discount code with the school, and using your code the school could purchase for 20 classrooms- they save $500 and you make $1400 from one referral !! 3. After-School/Vacation Care: If you give this code to a friend who works at an OOSH centre, and they have more than 1 centre location, they can use the discount code to purchase for all of their centres. For example, if they have 10 locations, they get $25 off of each location, so they would save $250 and you would earn $700….straight up !! *After you've earnt $5,000 from commission, we'll increase your earnings to 40% of each sale. So spread them crumbs around...

How do I know if a purchase is made with my code?

You'll be notified as soon as someone purchases using your code. If you have PayPal, your commission payment will be automatically transferred. You can also track how many people have purchased using your code by logging in.