Creative Kids Vouchers accepted

Primary Program Overview 

About: The Drum Corp Program is a fusion of sport & dynamic movements within rhythm and music. We engage all diversity of students in vibrant self-expression and intricate movements that build body and mind coordination in a fun and adventurous way.

Your students will perform for your families, staff & friends at the End of the year.

Our programs fit with the Education Departments learning outcomes. (See below)

Duration: Our programs are an annual commitment - 4 terms (35 lessons + 1 school performance)


Frequency: Weekly - one half hour lesson, per group (min. 20)

Cost: Option 1 

$13.50 per week (including GST) = $48.60  per month - Subscription

or $38.60 with your Creative Kids Voucher


For schools looking to fund or subsidise a program, please contact us direct. 

Equipment: We supply all equipment.


Location: In your School Hall - we require a large learning space

       & its usually the best place for our equipment to be neatly stored


       Option 1 - Subscription set-up - direct to to families

       Option 2 - We invoice your school administration

Scheduling: Our administrations work together to find an appropriate           time within school hours.



Children Saving Children

Every new Drum Corp program initiated, saves the life of another child living below the poverty line.


....Your school will be responsible for saving a child's life.

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Free Promo Show

to interest your Students and Parents  


At the Drum Corp we like transparency. We know the best way to get kids involved in our music program is for them to experience it first hand, so we offer an interactive promo show at no cost to the school or outlay.

One of our instructor's will come to your school and perform an exciting 20 minute show where your students are interactively involved. It includes song performances, program information, and a ton of fun. 

We are happy to offer this free show because we are confident our unique program will be a hit! 


On behalf of our staff, students and community, we thank you for your years of enthusiasm, dedication and drive teaching your uplifting drumming lessons - we can't 'beat' your style and welcome you back year after year.


Emma Hartmann (Principal) - Jewells Public School

1300 845 900