How to Start-up








Let us know you are interested in exploring a program.


Open a Communication Channel - you designate a staff member to be the main point of contact. They will be known as your schools “Drum Corp Coordinator” (DCC).               hit this link to designate

Organisation - Drum Corp Administration communicates with DCC to organise:

          - FREE 20 minute interactive promo show 

          - Potential regular weekly time 

          - Potential start date.

Promotion - of the interactive demonstration within your school community. Our media agent will liaise with DCC to organise the promotion of our “Promo Show” via School Facebook Page + School notification system (eg. Skoolbag or Compass)

Promo Show - Our Instructor will come to your school and perform a 20 minute interactive promo show at no cost to the school.

Student Registrations - A deadline is set for all student registrations to be completed by. Paper Registrations + Online Registrations are combined to see if the program is going to viable at your school. 

        - We require a minimum of 20 to begin. 

        - We take a maximum of 35 per half hour class.


All goes well, Drum Corp Program begins on the potential start date.




For more information, talk to Matt

0414 444 052

1300 845 900