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Our vision is to empower humans all over the world through our unique brand of “Rhythm-Fitness-Movement” Education; rhythm fused with fitness, instinctive movement, and vibrant self-expression. We have created the most insanely fun way to learn music, with life-changing performance opportunities.…Our cutting-edge school program has its roots in empowering, high-impact, high-energy entertainment taught on bucket-drums. Each class receives a weekly lesson delivered virtually, to be repeated 2-3 times,  with all equipment supplied, at school,  within school hours. Not only are our lessons ridiculously fun and high-energy, they also cover PDHPE and Creative Arts curriculum, and support students to achieve multiple learning outcomes.


Students return to class revitalised and focused. These lessons are known for their purelyempowering effect; strong and nurturing instructors engage children in exciting rhythms and movements that provide healthy mental and physical challenges, while also igniting passion and release. Our mantra, “Find your IN and let it OUT, then paint the world with what you’re about!” comes to life in every class, and within every child AND instructor - that is our mission. Yes, we are “The Drum Corp” but “Drum” is just our middle name.


What started out as one man’s vision in 2007 to be “Earth’s most creatively exciting musical education and performance company” (CEO Col Hatchman), Drum Corp has grown into a living entity of its’ own since expansion in 2018. Each member of our team today was drawn into this company by their own humanitarian calling, and a vision of the incredible world we will create by living our truth.


We are all dedicated to empowering children through fun and physical learning. “To be a part of something that is collectively empowering, that is something to live for” Instructor Molly on DrumCorp. We are creating a fresh and healthy new culture of humans who are empowered to reach their highest potential, and take joy in every step of that journey.