Fit ’N’ Fun on the Drum

Over 50’s Rhythm-Fitness Class


Image 8-8-19 at 9.55 am.jpg
Image 8-8-19 at 9.55 am.jpg

Location: Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre


Day:   Thursday

Time: 9:00-9:40

Cost:  $20 first class free

Please arrive 15mins early on 1st class to sign in

Payment Options:

Cash or Pay Wave

Come get your heart started and brain activated for 40 minutes of hootin’, hollerin’, wholesome fun! Our Fit ’N’ Fun classes have you playing easy-to-follow rhythms on bucket-drums, while you move and groove to your favourite tunes. An ideal class for anyone looking to invigorate their lives with whole body exercise and exciting mental stimulation, Fit ’n’ Fun also instills a deep body awareness within all movement, guiding participants into correct postural alignment. , all while engaging in fun and expressive “excercise”. Whether you cruise by wheel-chair or you’re in the best shape of your life, this class is the most insanely fun way to keep active and balanced in mind, body and spirit.

Core Benefits:


  • invigorates physical, mental and emotional health

  • full body workout, set your own pace, all levels of ability welcome

  • left+right brain activation

  • postural alignment + full body awareness + improved balance

  • JOY!

  • improves heart and lung health

  • promotes circulation

  • joyful self-expression, stress release, increased confidence

  • improved memory and cognitive function

  • strengthens bones and reduces risk of osteoporosis

  • increased flexibility

  • inclusive and celebratory social environment