Frequently Asked Questions

What is SUPER JAM?

Super Jam is a MAJOR performance opportunity for our year 5 & 6 students. A unique-to-DrumCorp creation, Super Jam brings together 200 + of our Senior Drum Corp students from Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast, to perform in our high-level music video filming experience. Taking place at The Roundhouse in Sydney University, this performance is a multi-creative artistic approach that synthesises the talents of our students with circus performers, professional dancers, musicians, our Drum Corp Instructors, and a Hollywood-level production and filming crew. At its core, Super Jam is an invitation into the extraordinary world of vision, colour, sound, and extrasensory perception, connected and brought to life by our students. Through the eyes of cinematographer Tom Gleeson, our spectacular performance is captured on film and a movie clip is produced, showcasing our bright young humans in all their glory. It is a celebration of music at its highest. In-between filming sessions, students engage in out-of-the-box educational workshops designed to inspire and open their perception. These workshops include yoga, interactive call-and-response singing, interpretative dance, Q&A with our professional artists, and a cultivation of compassionate awareness for our Sponsor Children. Our yearly soundtrack for this performance is created by international and award-winning songwriters/producers; Nathan Cavaleri (2018), and Mista Savona (2019). The raw power of our 200+ musical ninjas, in fusion with these special guest artists, and all under the fantastical dome of The Roundhouse with inspiring music blasting, always guarantees a shiver down the spine. A beyond-empowering experience for all involved, Super Jam is without exception the most inspirational and moving event on offer for children in Australia to date.


For the first time, in 2019 we are offering a new confidence building event that will bring together students from years 2, 3 & 4 to experience musical fun. Designed as a family event we will gather 100's of students from the region for possibly their 1st communal performance. The benefits are unlimited

When is the "End of Year Performance" at School

Each school varies. Please contact your school for these details.

Is Drum Corp on Social Media

Yes we sure are :) Facebook thedrumcorp Instagram @thedrumcorp

How do I get Drum Corp to my school?

You can request Drum Corp come to your school via our Request Page

Can I use a Creative Kids voucher


What is Drum Corp?

Its 2-fold: 1. An online resource for teachers to deliver engaging, cross-curricular content in PDHPE and Creative Arts, achieving multiple student learning outcomes in an adventurous way. 2. A rhythm-fitness movement platform for students to use outside of school hours, anytime, anywhere.