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Company Overview

Drum Corp is a production house, a streaming platform and a musical artist. What makes Drum Corp so exceptional is that we are all of these things in one premium product. What does that look like? 


We produce unique video content called Rhythm-Fitness-Movement, which is streamed through our website to subscribers, and each video lesson is backed by fresh and original music produced by Drum Corp. This is an exciting new brand of fitness you won’t find anywhere else. 



We have a niche customer base within the fitness industry as well as in education. 

Within fitness there is huge demand for boutique brands, exclusive content and new methods of online training. And, with an online fitness industry set to be worth $60 billion in the next few years, the timing for our product release could not be better. Within education, our product waves goodbye to under-resourced teachers and disengaged students.



This is on-demand fitness and on-demand education with a distinct twist in its’ content!


We are at the forefront of a movement, paving the way in this innovative field and targeting several holes presented in these markets. Our brand offers users vibrant experiences and a cutting-edge approach to fitness AND education. It’s empowering, it’s fun and it’s easy to use. 




Drum Corp is an E-commerce, subscription based business model that is infinitely scalable. This allows us to operate at the same level as the big multinational companies....and just like them, our company will be set up offshore in a tax neutral zone, to maximise our profits.


We have built automation into every process possible. This product can be in the hands of millions with one click of a button. Our brand is compelling. Our content is unique.



We have a rare investment opportunity for genuine individuals to get in on the ground floor of our up-and-coming company. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a key role in our expansion. We are looking to raise $150,000 in this first round of investment to fund our product launch into the United States. Buy-ins start at $10,000. In November, with greater sales and a higher company valuation, we will raise larger funds to fuel a more rapid expansion. 




If your interest is sparked, or if you have any questions, either send us an email or send us an invite to your local coffee shop. 



Behind The Brand

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Col Hatchman - Co-Founder


International Recording & Touring Drummer, Business Operations & Event Management.

Company Role: Tech Architecture, Content Creation, Filming & Production, Business Strategy, Operations & Management

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Molly Penrose - Co-Founder


Fitness Instructor, Dancer, Educator, Choreographer, Multi-instrumentalist.

Company Role: Marketing Management, Content Creation, Filming & Production, Business Strategy, Operations & Management

Listen to the original songs behind the lessons that fuel our brand

The TEACHERS website is compete, and the rest are working demos.