Drum Corp Coordinators

aka: DCC's 


Paper Registration Forms Protocol



1.    Students return paper registration form to the school admin office 


2.    School administration scans forms and then emails them to registration@thedrumcorp.com   in a bulk send

Once all forms have been scanned/emailed, you can shred them

Please don’t give them to instructors



3.     Drum Corp Accounts Team enters students details into our attendance system



4.     Drum Corp Accounts Team will send (via email) a link to the registered families, that will allow them to set-up their own direct debit details



5.    Students become active in our attendance system once both Registration & direct debit is complete

1st lesson of the year

Organisation & Routine


1 x Staff Supervisor required: duration = 60 mins


Duties on the Day

  • Notify all students that have registered, to come to class at the same time. (this is so we can organise our senior/junior groups)

  • Please have students lined up outside the hall ready for our instructor to lead them in

  • Please provide a list of student names for our instructor that have returned their registration form to your administration


Your supervisor(hopefully you) will learn how the flow/routine of each Drum Corp lessons works. 


Request: Reschedule a Class



There are 5 opportunity's to reschedule throughout the year See the image below

There are no rescheduling options in Term 4 


A One-off Change of Location


Here’s the efficient preparation list and how to avoid a mess on the day:


1. Organise your year 6 students to carry all of the black drums to the temporary location of the class.

2. Inform teachers to inform all participating Drum Corp students of the new temporary location.


3. Inform our instructor - location change (text on the day)


4. Instructor will take her regular mobile equipment to the new location and perform the class. 


5. Organise your year 6 students to carry all of the black drums back to the regular storage area.