Drum Corp Coordinators

aka: DCC's 


Paper Registration Forms Protocol



1.    Students return paper registration form to the school admin office 


2.    School administration scans forms and then emails them to registration@thedrumcorp.com   in a bulk send

Once all forms have been scanned/emailed, you can shred them

Please don’t give them to Instructors



3.     Drum Corp Accounts Team enters students details into our attendance system



4.     Drum Corp Accounts Team will send (via email) a link to the registered families, that will allow them to set-up their own direct debit details



5.    Students become active in our attendance system once both Registration & direct debit is complete

1st lesson of the year

Organisation & Routine


1 x Staff Supervisor required: duration = 60 mins


Duties on the Day

  • Notify all students that have registered, to come to class at the same time. (this is so we can organise our senior/junior groups)

  • Have students lined up outside the hall ready for our instructor to lead them in

  • Provide a list of student names for our instructor that have returned their registration form to your administration


Your supervisor(hopefully you) will learn how the flow/routine of each Drum Corp lessons works. 


Request: Reschedule a Class



There are 5 opportunity's to reschedule throughout the year See the image below

There are no rescheduling options in Term 4 

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 6.10.40 am.png

A One-off Change of Location


Here’s the efficient preparation list and how to avoid a mess on the day:


1. Organise your year 6 students to carry all of the black drums to the temporary location of the class.

2. Inform teachers to inform all participating Drum Corp students of the new temporary location.


3. Inform our instructor - location change (text on the day)


4. Instructor will take her regular mobile equipment to the new location and perform the class. 


5. Organise your year 6 students to carry all of the black drums back to the regular storage area.



We have designed a 2-part Skoolbag Notification System:

- 1st part is for families- notifications about progress, performances and events.

- 2nd part is a private notification system to our Drum Corp Coordinators. Your invitation has been sent this morning via email.


Email - Used for coordinating; Opening the doors in Term 2/Week 10 + Events + End Of Year Performances +  Send updated Attendance Lists.




If students don’t turn up to class, we don’t send other kids to go get them.  

Reason: This is because of our experience with cranky parents informing us that their child is missing out on valuable class time. 


Solution: The best way to manage this is for you to set an automated notification in Sentral every week…

This way all teachers can then tell their students at the correct time on the correct day. 

How to Automate: Lodge a case from the “Need Help” tab within Sentral. Alternatively, you could ask another staff member.



35 lessons + 1 School Performance


We welcome new students right up until the end of Term 1 (unless the program is at full capacity). Here is an overview of how the classes will happen this year:


Term 1 - Classes begin in Week 3


Lesson 1 (week 3) -

This class includes all Drum Corp Participants Senior/Mids/Juniors for an hour.  A teacher/supervisor should be present for this class to:

  • Assist with the designation of students to classes level

  • understand the rules, behaviour control measures and flow of the class from start to finish

  • understand how the equipment set-up and pack down works (assist with K-3)

  • Assist with any inner school protocols we may not be aware of.

  • Send for students that are on our lists but have not come to the class

This lesson is the grounding lesson for students to understand exactly how the class works.





Term 1 

Lesson 2 (week 4)- 

Lesson 3 (week 5)-

Lesson 4 (week 6)-

Lesson 5 (week 7)-

Lesson 6 (week 8)-

Lesson 7 (week 9)-

Lesson 8 (week 10)-

Lesson 9 (week 11)-


Term 2

Lesson 10 (week 1)- 

Lesson 11 (week 2)-

Lesson 12 (week 3)-

Lesson 13 (week 4)- 

Lesson 14 (week 5)-

Lesson 15 (week 6)-

Lesson 16 (week 7)-

Lesson 17 (week 8)-

Lesson 18 (week 9)-

Lesson 19 (week 10)- Open the class doors for parents to see the progress


Term 3

Lesson 20 (week 1)- 

Lesson 21 (week 2)-

Lesson 22 (week 3)-

Lesson 23 (week 4)- 

Lesson 24 (week 5)-

Lesson 25 (week 6)-

Lesson 26 (week 7)-

Lesson 27 (week 8)-

Lesson 28 (week 9)-

Lesson 29 (week 10)-



Term 4

Lesson 30 (week 1)- Combine All Groups - Rehearsal Phase

Lesson 31 (week 2)- Combine All Groups - Rehearsal Phase

Lesson 32 (week 3)- Combine All Groups - Rehearsal Phase

No Lesson (week 4)- due to preparation for Major Super Jam Event

Lesson 33 (week 5)- Combine All Groups - Rehearsal Phase

Lesson 34 (week 6)- Combine All Groups - Rehearsal Phase

Lesson 35 (week 7)- Combine All Groups - Rehearsal Phase

Potential Performance (week 8)-  End Of Year Performance..or

Potential Performance (week 9)-  End Of Year Performance..or

Potential Performance (week 10)- End Of Year Performance



What is the Paper Registration Form Protocol

hit this link

Should students be lined up

All of our classes begin with lining students up outside the class room / hall. This level of control needs to be established so that behaviour is kept in check before enetring the Drum Corp lesson

Toilet Protocol

Please reinforce to students that this is a half hour class and they should go before or after class.. not during

Equipment Set-up

We train students for an efficient fast set-up in the first few weeks of term 1. This is all part of group collaboration, organisiation and responsiblitly training.

What is the Behavioural Proceedure

A student receives 2 chances (sitting out), then student will be sent to the Schools Assistant Principal

Notifications to manage

Notification 1: Class list for teachers on Sentral (or similar) - this will keep updating over the first few weeks while new students come in Notification 2: Reminder for parents on SkoolBag (or similar) each week

Reschedule a Class

hit this link

When is Super Jam

Our 2020 Super Jam date is TBC Location is the same as last year - Roundhouse UNSW - Kensington

When is Junior Jam

Our Junior Jam date is TBC Location is still to be confirmed

OOOps Card Protocol - Payments

Students will receive an OOOPS card if their parents are required to get in touch with our office. This is usually because a payment has not been met, a credit card has expired, etc. All of our Subscriptions are set up to be direct debited on the 14th of each month. The family will received an automated text message notifying them of the payment failure. If the payment failure is still not rectified after our Accounts Manager attempts contacting them via phone and email, an OOOps card will be given to the student. You will be notified on the week OOOps cards are handed out via our Skoolbag App. If the payment is still not rectified by the next lesson, the student will be removed from the program. You will be notified by email so you can let the students teacher know not to send them to class. Drum Corp Instructors will never mention money or payments to students, they will say simply that it’s important that your parents need to contact our office as soon as possible.

Opening the Doors in Term 2

We will be opening the Class doors for parents to see their Childs progress in Term 2. We will be in touch to obtain permission to invite the parents of Drum Corp students for the lesson in Term 2/Week 10

How we handle make-up lessons for students

All students who were away due to sickness, school excursion or holiday are welcome to have a make-up lesson for each time they missed out. They can inform our instructor on the day, or organise it with you.

Booking the End Of Year Performance - EOYP

We will email you in Term 3 asking what date your Presentation Day is so we can begin coordinating times for our End Of Year Performances. Please keep in mind that our Instructors are performing multiple shows around this time of year on each day. If a clash of date/time happens, out of respect we prioritise the school who was organised first. Setting your students up for a big End of year Performance is the best way for them to finish up the year.