Saturday 19th October



(weather permitting)


(back-up date in case of rain)






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What is Junior Jam all about

Junior Jam is the collaboration of 200 year 2,3 & 4 students from 32 schools across Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Central Coast. We will all come together at the picturesque Bar Beach in Newcastle.

Our energetic instructors will lead the young performers through our yearly soundtrack (written by international producer - Mista Savona). As the performers share their talents, we will be documenting it on film, making a miniature music video to be released in late 2019.



Costume Requirements

All performers are required to supply & wear:

  • Plain Black T-shirt (no logos or patterns)

  • Shorts (Any colour)

  • Shoes or no shoes (Any colour)



On the day Drum Corp will supply:

  •  1 x black bucket hat (each performer can take home)

  •  1 pair of drumsticks (must be returned at the end of the event)


What to do on the Day


1. Parking:

Arrive 30 minutes early, to park and use the restrooms. Depending on local traffic you may need to arrive up to an hour early. Bring your swimmers and have a swim. There is a take away shop that sells hot food and drinks at the surf club right beside Junior Jam.


2. Performer CHECK-IN

Your child will need to be checked in with one of our staff via the check-in lanes.

The checkin lanes are divided up into 5 alphabetical regions (based on your child’s FIRST name)







Eg. If your child’s name is Andrew will go to the lane that says A-C 

Eg2. If your child’s name is Kane will go to the lane that says J-L


1. Once your name has been found on our list:

We will record your name and mobile phone number…. this is for if we need to contact you during the event for any reason.


2. You will receive a bucket hat + drumsticks + 2 lanyards….Both of them will have the same number. One of these lanyards is for you, one of them is for your child. This number links you both for when it comes time to pick-up your child. For the safety reasons, please do not swap this with another parent. The parent who does check-in should be the parent who does pick-up.




3. After you both have your numbers and they are placed around your neck, you will move past the check-in agent…your child will be guided over to the performance area and you will be guided back to the viewing area.



3. The Event

All you are required to do at this point is is enjoy, clap and have some fun.  We plan on editing together a film clip of this event, so we will film many pieces of the song as well as the song in its entirety. The event will run for approximately 45-60minutes. The check-in parent needs to on standby in case your child needs to go to the toilet. (See protocol below)



4. Child-pick up 

Return to the same lane where you checked-in your child.

Our staff will help you organise yourself numerically with the other parents. The lowest number in your lane will be closest to the ocean, the highest number in your lane will be closest to the viewing area.

We will organise your children the same way. Once both adults and children are organised, you will be able to see your child in front of you. Once we release the barricade tape please hold your child’s hand and walk out of the area quickly in the direction our staff guides you. It’s important to move out of this area quickly so we can align more parents with their children asap.



5. Return Sticks + Lanyard

The last thing you are required to do is return both of the lanyards & our Drum Sticks. 

Our staff will guide you to the correct place to return both of your lanyards + the drumsticks your child used in the Junior Jam. 

The hat is your child’s to keep.






We have kept the event at a nice short length to avoid hungry tummy’s and toilet breaks.

In case it happens during the event, Drum Corp is not responsible for taking your child to the toilet. Here’s what will happen.


1. Your child will be taken over to the Check-in/Pick-up Lanes 

2. Our staff member will call your mobile to come and check them out. 3. You will be required to hand back the drum sticks and lanyards before you go to the toilet with your child. 

4. Please make sure your child washes there hands before they put them back on our drumsticks. 

5. When you return you will go through the check-in process again.


Media Clearance

Please be aware that the filming of Junior Jam will be uploaded to social media at the end of the year. By default, being involved in this event means you are approving media clearance for your child, for this one event only.  If you have media restrictions in place for our school programs, they will remain the same.