1. It’s coming soon!! The new Netflix-style website has it’s bones in the right places, now it needs the flesh! Constructing a quality online educational facility takes time, even more so with the delays of the present situation….but even while it is a work in progress, the first lessons will be delivered by Monday March 30th

2. Virtual lessons will be supplied weekly (until face-to-face lessons are resumed).

3. 2 x Free BONUS lessons during School Holidays

4. For program delivery from Term 2 onwards, an opportune plan is being developed in collaboration with your school. ALL performances and JAM events are ON!!



5. The complete “back-log” of this years lessons will be added, so any students who have recently missed a lesson due to absence or school cancellations will receive their make-up lesson

6. Virtual lessons are the same as school lessons, with more of a one-on-one focus

7. New Online community- parents will have weekly access to an Instructor via Facebook support groups + chat

8. New registrations are welcome; keep the kids engaged and activated, right!?

9. Discounts; refer a friend, you each get 20% off the remainder of the year


10. Students continue with safe social distancing practices while maintaining a high level of social integration

Our desire at DRUM CORP is to keep our kids healthy and engaged as circumstances around them change. We have designed this virtual offering to ensure that our kids receive a 30 minute blast of fitness, mind/body coordination & music every week, in an educational program that they're familiar with. 

Multiple BONUS features and video series to come, but let’s get you the lessons first!

Our pledge to keep your children empowered, active, and engaged, is as strong as ever. Let’s do this!!